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The Viggorli 2017 Secret Santa fic exchange is going to happen here, not on LJ, so watch this space and tell all your friends about it! :-)

See you here in September!
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Dear all,

first of all: may your 2017 be awesome!

Here is the author reveal for 2017:

[ profile] chaosmanor wrote "Early Theory" for [ profile] vampirebitch
[ profile] salable_mystic wrote "We Both Know (what's been going on)" for [ profile] chaosmanor
[ profile] vampirebitch wrote "Missed Chances" for [ profile] salable_mystic

Authors, thank you for participating!!
(You may now post your fics wherever you want).

Also, thank you to [ profile] raise_the_knife, who was our standby pinch hitter.

Read you in September, y'all!
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... are now closed.

Gift fics will be posted here on Dec 25th!
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Short an sweet is what 2015's authors reveal list is ... but as long as there are at least two people volunteering, the Viggorli Secret Santa Fic Exchange will exist!

[ profile] raise_the_knife wrote "The Prince in the Tower" for [ profile] vampirebitch
[ profile] vampirebitch wrote "Drawings on the Pavement" for [ profile] chaosmanor

Thank you, [ profile] chaosmanor and [ profile] vampirebitch, for participating - and thank you, [ profile] raise_the_knife, for pinch hitting, when broken arms made me raise a call for aid!

See you all in September!
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The signups are closed, come back in October 2015 for next year's signups!
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I am sorry that this is so late - I went on holiday and while I made sure to book a bungalow with WLAN there was, in fact, no WLAN at all to be had - and posting did not work with the shaky internet connection I could get on my phone. Sorry!

This year's Secret Santas were:

Alilacia wrote "An unexpected turn of events" for [ profile] vampirebitch
[ profile] chaosmanor wrote "Between the Stars" for [ profile] zee113
[ profile] ranmaru_fics wrote "Wait No More" for [ profile] alilacia
[ profile] salable_mystic wrote "The Candy Cane Incident" for [ profile] ranmaru_fics
[ profile] vampirebitch wrote "Love Makes You Stronger" for [ profile] chaosmanor
[ profile] zee113 wrote "Santa Clause is Coming" for [ profile] salable_mystic

I've set up a (sub-)collection for this year's fics at AO3 - if you are on there and want to add them, feel free! (But it is not a must!) From now on, post and share your fic however and whereever you want, and:

Thank you all so much for participating - and see you in October!!!


Nov. 6th, 2013 10:16 pm
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Hey y'all, I am sorry that assignments are late going out, but Cyclone Christian took bits of our roof off, and thus things have been a bit frantic/confused/much. Will get them out to you ASAP!

ETA: Assignments have gone out!
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Signups are now closed, and all assignments have gone out.

All stories...
- must be submitted by the end of December 18th (when it is no longer Dec 18th anywhere in the world)
- should be 1000+ words in length
- must include: title, rating, warnings, disclaimer & summary

Submission deadline: December 18th (when it is no longer Dec 18th anywhere in the world)
Stories posted: December 25th (GMT)

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This is a day late, but I could not log into LJ yesterday at all, so ... here you go:

The 2013 Secret Santa writer-recipient pairings were:

[ profile] zee113 wrote for [ profile] chaosmanor
[ profile] zebraljb wrote for [ profile] rosebay_fairie
[ profile] chaosmanor wrote for [ profile] salable_mystic
[ profile] raise_the_knife wrote for [ profile] vampirebitch
[ profile] rosebay_fairie wrote for [ profile] wanderlost
[ profile] vampirebitch wrote for [ profile] zebraljb
[ profile] salable_mystic wrote for [ profile] zee113

Now that the reveal is out, feel free to post the story that you wrote wherever you want to.
To those interested in it, there is an AO3 collection that you can post your stories to right here.

For now: Thank you so much for participating, for writing, reading and commenting, and for keeping the Viggorli spirit alive!!!

See you all in October 2013!!!

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... concludes this year's posting of Secret Santa fics.

I'll be back next year (well, in 7 days) with the writer reveal ... and until then have fun reading, and, if you liked a fic (the one written for you or any of the others), please make sure to say so and let the author know as much! ;-)
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So, a little later than anticipated - due to completely to some family shenanigans on my part (sorry!) and not at all to one awesome awesome last minute pinch hitter (thank you!!!), fic posting is about to commence, and I want to take this opportunity to thank all the participants very much for being part of the 2012 [ profile] viggorli_xmas Secret Santa fic exchange.

Please remember that, until the author reveal on January 1st, stories should not be posted anywhere else on the net - after that you are free (and indeed, welcome!) to post your own written works wherever you want to, of course.

Please also note that, when replying to comments left on stories you wrote, if you do it *before* the writer reveal, you will have to make sure that you do so anonymously (I have set the posts to allow anonymous comments, and will leave that setting in place until the author reveal) - otherwise you kinda give away the "secret" part of "secret santa" :-). If you're not certain that you know how to do this/do not want to risk it, you can also email me any comments for your recipient and I can post them in your name. Or you can wait until Jan 1st to comment.

And now: enjoy!!!!!
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The Viggorli Secret Santa 2012 Signups are now closed!
Stories will be posted on December 25th!


Jan. 6th, 2012 10:38 pm
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A PS to the exchange ... I was asked if there might be a collection on the AO3 for the stories, like there was last year. And of course there can be! I just made it, and you can find it here: AO 3 collection.

Feel free to post (or not post) your fic there (or in your journeys, or elsewhere, of course) as you want!

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Dear [ profile] viggorli_xmas readers and participants,

here is the reveal of who wrote what story for whom!

[ profile] alilacia wrote "Orlando does Sweden" for [ profile] melusine6619
[ profile] chaosmanor wrote "One Wedding, Just the One Wedding" for [ profile] vigorlilover
[ profile] laeglass wrote "Writing Through" for [ profile] chaosmanor
[ profile] melusine6619 wrote "The Best Christmas" for [ profile] laeglass
[ profile] rosebay_fairie wrote "Love in a Battlefield or Come Together" for [ profile] salable_mystic
[ profile] salable_mystic wrote "The Light Waits for all Lovelorn Strangers" for [ profile] vampirebitch
[ profile] vampirebitch wrote "Frozen fairies smell best at Yuletide" for [ profile] alilacia
[ profile] vampirebitch wrote "How burnt duck can get you some dick" for [ profile] zee113
[ profile] vigorlilover wrote "Since I Last Saw You" for [ profile] coldtofu
[ profile] zee113 wrote "Angelology" for [ profile] rosebay_fairie

And that concludes the 2011 round of the Viggorli Xmas Secret Santa! I hope you all had fun reading and writing, and will come back in October 2012 for another year of great fic! :-)

Writers, feel free to post your fic far and wide.

Thank you all for playing and participating, for reading and commenting,
and have a fantastic 2012!
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And that, dear readers, writers, and giftees concludes the posting of stories for the 2011 [ profile] viggorli_xmas Secret Santa fic exchange.

Just as a reminder:
the rest of the schedule for this round of the exchange is:

Author reveal: January 1st
Authors allowed to post stories far and wide over the internet: January 2nd onwards

Enjoy reading!!
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Dear readers and participants,

I know it might not quite be the 25th of December where you are yet, but where I am it decidedly already is and has been for a bit, and since my other possible posting slot won't be until very very late tomorrow (your time, Dec 26th already here), I decided that your gift fic being a tiny bit early is better than being really late. I hope you can agree with this unilateral assumption on my part. (If not, just imagine you're in New Zealand. There Dec 25th is more than half-way over already.Hmm ... Are any of you in NZ?)

Thus: fic will start to appear on here soon!

I hope you have a great time reading, and if you enjoyed your fic (or one of the other ones :-)), remember to leave a comment for the author, please.

Happy reading, happy Christmas if you celebrate it, and if not, happy holiday of your choice/long weekend!

And, last but in no way least: thank you for participating - this is what it is because of all of you, all I do is send the odd email here and there. So, thank you!!!

Authors will be revealed on January 1st, 2012.

Happy reading, and happy Viggorli Xmas Secret Santa Fic adventure! :-)
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Dear participants,

your assignments should be waiting in your mailboxes for you as I type this, so if they aren't, please get in touch so I can re-send them?

As ever - if you have any questions for your assignees, I am happy to pass them along for you, and if you run into any problems, let me know as soon as they arise, so we can work on fixing them!

Enjoy writing your stories, and than you so much for participating! Without you, this exchange would - literally - not exist!!
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Dear all,

please don't forget that signups for the [ profile] viggorli_xmas secret santa fic exchange close by the end of October, so that's just a week and a day away. If you want to join and haven't yet, now is a good time. :-)

Thank you!
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Signups for 2011 are now closed.
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It's a little ahead of schedule, but it's after midnight here and I'm off adventuring tomorrow (on the theory that everything will be empty because everyone else is sleeping in ...) so I won't be able to make the original reveal time, and I thought better early than late.

So, let me officially tell you who wrote which wonderful story:

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year for [ profile] zee113 was written by [ profile] laeglass
All I want for Christmas for [ profile] chaosmanor was written by [ profile] jasmineskie
Dreams for [ profile] vampirebitch was written by [ profile] zee113
Encontrar la inspiraciĆ³n for [ profile] salable_mystic was written by [ profile] rawiyaparand
gravity (centerfold) for [ profile] rawiyaparand was written by [ profile] koulagirl666
Gingerbread Love for [ profile] dalehead was written by [ profile] vampirebitch
If on a winter's night a traveller for [ profile] laeglass was written by [ profile] salable_mystic
In Dreams for [ profile] koulagirl666 was written by [ profile] jasmineskie
Merry Kinkmas for [ profile] legolas_is_mine was written by [ profile] dalehead
Secret Santa for [ profile] jasmineskie was written by [ profile] viggorliforever
This is Not a Fighting Song for [ profile] viggorliforever was written by [ profile] chaosmanor

Authors, feel free to post your stories far and wide on the internets now - if you want to post them on the AO3, I've set up a collection there that you could post them into, if you so desire ... .

It's been fun, and I hope to see you all around for another round in 2011!


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