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Title: Drawings on the pavement
Gift fic for: [ profile] chaosmanor
Author: will be revealed on 2016/01/01
Rating: PG
Pairing: Viggo/Orlando
Word Count: 6280
Warning: Fluff, fluff, fluff!
Disclaimer: I don’t own Viggo or Orlando, nor is there any harm intended in any of this. Neither do I know or want to suggest anything about their personal life, this is all fantasy. The story’s just for fun, no money is being made.
Summary: Orlando is sitting at Angelo’s, working so hard on an article he has to finish for the deadline. He then encounters a stranger along the way.
A/N: I only got the idea to this story when brainstorming with my very good friend [ profile] mia_philine. Thanks so much!

Orlando couldn’t take it any longer. His co-workers were chatting so loudly that he couldn’t concentrate on what he was writing. Closing his eyes for a moment, he took a deep breath and started packing his laptop and writing utensils into his messenger bag. Right before Christmas it was always getting worse at the editorial office, everyone waiting for the holidays to begin.
He was glad that his boss trusted him enough to just give him two ground rules: hand in your work on time and be there for the meetings. How Orlando managed that or where he wrote his texts was up to him.
So, more often than not, he fled the office and went to a coffee shop close by. They had free Wi-Fi and really good coffee. And they were more than happy to provide him with food, seeing as he was probably their best customer.
After Orlando had taken his work there for a whole week, sitting down as soon as they were open and leaving only when they closed up, Sally, the manager of the coffee shop, had even allowed him to order in any take-out for lunch or dinner.
It was only the beginning of December but outside it was still up to 15 degrees Celsius, so Orlando left his jacket at the office. He gave Jenny, the CEO’s secretary, a perfunctory wave and took the lift to the ground floor.
It only took about five minutes to reach “Angelo’s Coffee”. Orlando gave a wave to Michelle behind the counter and took his usual seat at the very edge of the window. She knew his coffee order and would bring it over when it was done.
Orlando opened his laptop and continued writing his article about the latest bylaw that the Senate had tried to sneak in just before their Christmas break. He didn’t think they had been particularly subtle, which was why all other politicians had strengthened the opposition by voting against it.
“Hey Orli, how are you doing? Did your colleagues throw another surprise birthday party for the boss?” Michelle asked, setting down his coffee carefully.
“Nah, they didn’t. But it was a close call. I really don’t know how they can hand in anything on time with all the parties and meetings. Today there’s talk of throwing a Christmas party in two weeks, which will, of course, take a whole week of planning.”
“Of course”, Michelle laughed. “Well, you can work here in peace and quiet. It’s always less busy the first two weeks of December. The hubbub will only start the week before Christmas.”
Just then the bell above the door chimed, announcing another customer. Michelle quickly went back behind the counter to take the order and Orlando engrossed himself in the legal wording of the bylaw prohibiting assault weapon owners from purchasing .50-caliber bullets that had been collected from crime scenes and released after solution of the crime.
He worked for about an hour before ordering his second coffee. Michelle also brought him a muffin to go with the coffee and set down a bottle of water. Orlando looked at her sceptically and she pointed to the counter where Sally was rearranging the mugs they sold.
“She told me to keep you hydrated, so that’s what I’m doing”, Michelle said. Orlando rolled his eyes but opened the bottle and took a sip.
“I’m not a baby anymore, you know.”
Michelle laughed. “Sure, but we all know that someone has to take care of you. And since you haven’t found Mister Right yet, we’re taking you under our wing.” She stroked his hair and planted a kiss on his forehead. “I’m off now, Sally’s on the next shift. I’ll probably see you tomorrow, darling.”
Orlando took her hand and gave a quick squeeze. “Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow. I don’t think that I’ll be back at the office this week. Our next meeting is on Thursday next week, so that’s probably settled my schedule until then.”
Michelle left and Orlando went back to his article. A few minutes later, he had the vague feeling of being observed. He looked up but Sally had her back to him and there were only two other customers chatting animatedly with each other.
Outside, Orlando noticed a few people rushing by and only an older couple standing on the other side of the street, looking at something on the floor. Taking a closer look, Orlando saw a man sitting on the pavement, seemingly drawing something with bits of chalk.
He focused on his article again, sipping at his still hot coffee. Tomorrow was their deadline for the second to last issue of this year, so he knew he had to finish this today. Well, more likely tonight. Maybe Sally would be kind enough to brew him a pot to take home later.
At closing time, Sally came over, pressed a bag with a large jug into his hands, before making him pack his things and then shooing him out of the shop. “You can come back tomorrow, sweetheart”, she chuckled, closing and locking the door behind him.
Orlando quickly went home. He knew there was a long night ahead of him. And it wasn’t going to be easy. While there was no strict policy on how to treat political articles for their magazine, he knew by now that there should be a certain wording to avoid too much editing. It was just a bit more work than he’d usually put into his articles.

The next day, Orlando handed in his text as soon as Jenny opened the office at six. Their CEO wouldn’t be in until later but Orlando knew that he had at least another two hours at the office before he would flee from his co-workers.
Even with a late-night writing session and only two hours of sleep, he tended to be at the office as early as possible. He just really wanted to show his boss that the trust she had in him was deserved.
At a quarter to eight, he packed his bag, gave Jenny another wave and headed to Angelo’s. It had rained for about an hour late last night and Orlando saw that whatever the guy opposite the coffee shop had been drawing yesterday was gone.
When he entered Angelo’s, Orlando saw Sally behind the counter, typing on the cash register. She looked up and greeted him. “I’ll make your coffee in a moment. This thing is not working correctly”, she mumbled, continuing to tap on the buttons of the cash register.
Orlando went to his window seat and started on a new article. For this one, he only had a general idea. Usually, he would’ve used the time that his colleagues worked on the Christmas issue to prepare for the upcoming legislative period next year.
But his boss had been really pleased with his work and asked him to write one or two articles for that particular issue. He wasn’t too keen on it, though he liked the idea of having free reign on the topic of his articles. His problem was finding topics that were interesting for their readers.
Orlando sighed. He knew a few late-night writing sessions were looming in the near future. The deadline for their articles had just been moved from the 23rd to the 20th and that left just over three weeks to figure something out.
He pushed his laptop to the side and took out a white sheet of paper and a pen. Sally brought his coffee over and added a croissant when she found out he hadn’t had breakfast. “Are you kidding me? You’ve probably not eaten anything since Michelle gave you that muffin yesterday.”
She huffed. “If you’re staying the whole day, you’re going to eat something substantial for lunch and dinner, Mister.” Before Orlando even had a chance to reply, she had vanished, serving another customer.
Orlando had to admit that the girls were really looking out for him when his stomach rumbled loudly. He quickly spread jam on the croissant, taking a hearty bite.
Jutting down some ideas on the blank page, he paused time and again, letting his gaze wander around the coffee shop and outside.
At around ten, he noticed the guy opposite Angelo’s again. He was sitting on the pavement, apparently just starting on something. Orlando could see how he defined the size of the pictures. Having hit a low in his brainstorming, Orlando took a closer look at the guy.
He had shaggy blonde hair, which almost reached his shoulders. The jeans looked worn and his T-shirt comfortable. There were already a few smears of chalk on the dark fabric. The guy kneeled over whatever it was he was drawing, concentrating hard on his work; which reminded Orlando of his own work.
He sighed and quickly went back to the paper in front of him. There were a few possible angles from which he could start on his article. He just wasn’t sure what to do exactly and decided on writing first and then possibly dismissing the idea again later. Orlando knew he had about two to three days for trial and error before settling on one or two topics.
Around noon, Sally came and brought him a plate of tortellini. Orlando wanted to protest but she didn’t take no for an answer. “You’ll eat this even if I have to feed you myself”, she threatened and he gave in.
When she brought dessert, she sat down with a coffee for herself and talked to him for a bit. She was just recounting the story of her daughter’s first horse-riding lesson, when Orlando’s eyes fell on the guy who was still drawing on the other side of the street. He was now sitting there cross-legged and the lower part of his T-shirt was almost completely white.
“Do you know who that is?” he interrupted Sally and nodded towards the guy.
Sally turned her head to where he had indicated. “Ah, yeah. Well, not really. He’s usually sitting there six out of seven days a week, drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk. And he’s really good. But we haven’t figured out his name yet, he doesn’t come in here.”
“Hm, maybe I should have a look myself”, Orlando mused and Sally laughed loudly.
“Oh, come on, Orli. You just want to ogle the hot guy up close.” Her eyes were twinkling and he blushed.
“Not true”, he quickly replied.
“Aww, sweetheart, you can look all you want. Just, when you find someone, you’ll have to bring him here and let us all judge whether he’s a good enough guy for you.” She patted his hand and returned behind the counter.
Orlando took another look at the guy before getting engrossed in his work again.
It was already dark outside when a plate was placed underneath his nose. This time it was a huge salad with all extras. When he looked up, he saw Michelle smiling at him. “Hey there, Orli. I didn’t think you’d noticed me earlier.” She bent down and planted a kiss on his cheek.
“You’ll eat all of the salad”, she chimed, winking at him. “Sally was very clear with her orders.”
He groaned, rolling his eyes. “Yeah, sure, of course…”
“Now don’t be like that”, Michelle swatted at his shoulder. “You know how she is and you also know that she’ll know if you cheat on your food.”
Orlando gave in and started eating the salad. When he looked outside, he saw that it was raining. ‘Damn’, he thought, ‘I can’t take a look at the picture now, it’s probably gone. I’ll just have to try tomorrow.’
The next day, the guy drawing with chalk wasn’t there. Orlando made sure to have a quick look every hour or so but didn’t see him. And the day after, he was already so immersed in his work that he forgot that he wanted to take a look at the drawings.
It was only the following week, when Orlando remembered. He saw the guy arriving as soon as it was light outside. Around noon, he asked Sally to watch over his laptop. Then he quickly crossed the street to step towards the man sitting on the pavement.
There were a few other people watching and Orlando saw that the framework of the picture was already done. The guy had just started adding colour to the picture. It looked very professional.
Orlando saw that there were two people sitting on a park bench depicted in the drawing; an older couple, possibly. The woman was leaning her head on the man’s shoulder, gazing somewhere off to the side of the drawing.
Intrigued, Orlando went back to the coffee shop, telling Sally about it.
“I told you, he’s really good. Just go back later and see what he did with the picture.” She smiled, giving him a wink.
When Orlando actually went back later that evening, the man had disappeared but the drawing was done. The colour and the way it was added made the picture seem extremely realistic; Orlando had to rub his eyes to make sure it was just drawn with chalk.
When he took a closer look, he thought he noticed the skyline in the background of the drawing. Then he remembered the older couple that had passed by a few times in the last week, always standing right behind the guy and looking at his drawing. This was that couple!
Orlando couldn’t believe it. The man had drawn the couple so detailed that there was no mistaking them. It really was a work of art and Orlando knew he had to come back to look at what else the guy would draw.
The next day, he went over on his ‘Sally-ordered’ lunch break. There were a few women depicted in the drawing, all pushing prams in front of them, talking with each other. Orlando thought he recognised the women, though he wasn’t really sure.
It wasn’t quite dark yet, when he went back to see what had become of the drawing. The guy was still sitting there, filling the lower part of the picture with colour. Now, Orlando was able to actually recognize the women in the picture.
When the guy looked up, Orlando felt his face heat up. How long had he been standing there, watching him? He wasn’t sure and he felt awkward.
“It’s a lovely drawing”, he finally said and the man gave a big, toothy smile before concentrating on his work again.
Orlando went back the next day, seeing the women with the prams with a different background, this time sitting on benches at the playground.
When the guy, whom Orlando in his head only referred to as ‘Lovely’ now, looked up at him, he smiled back and moved a bit closer, taking in more details of the drawing.
The precise lines and the accuracy of Lovely’s drawings were impressive and Orlando said so. Lovely looked up and gave another big grin but stayed silent when he engrossed himself in his work again.
Three days later, Orlando was looking for Lovely in vain. It apparently was his day off. Michelle teased him mercilessly and Orlando just sat there with red cheeks for most of the day. When Sally’s shift started, she came over and sat with him for a while.
“Why don’t you just invite him for coffee?” she asked.
Orlando shook his head. “I don’t even know his name”, he said. “And he doesn’t really talk to me, just gives me these huge smiles when compliment his work.”
“Oh, honey, then just ask him his name”, Sally laughed. “Don’t be so shy. He’s apparently much worse, so you’ll probably have to take the initiative here.”
Orlando hung his head, sighing pitifully. Sally laughed again, planting a kiss on his hair and patting his hand. “You’ll come around, I’m sure.”
The next day, Lovely was back again, working on a drawing.
Orlando was so focused on his article, though, that he didn’t find the time to walk over before it was almost dark outside.
He quickly crossed the street and saw that the drawing was just lacking a few bits and pieces in a lower corner.
When he came closer, Lovely looked up, immediately smiling at him. Orlando smiled back and stood closer behind the drawing. He recognised a row of houses that seemed familiar. There were people walking on the street and it was very busy.
Just when Orlando had finally gathered all his courage to ask Lovely his actual name, he could hear Sally from the opposite side of the road.
“Sorry, darling, but your boss is on the line and I’m pretty sure you want to take that call”, she yelled.
Orlando sighed and gave Lovely another smile before going to take that call. It had to be important as his boss wouldn’t otherwise call Angelo’s directly.
As it turned out, Jenny had already forwarded the rough drafts of his articles and his boss was so happy with them that she asked Orlando to write another two for the Christmas issue. He paled a bit at that task but finally agreed to do it in exchange for an extended holiday after their deadline.
It didn’t leave him with much time on his hands for daydreaming or visiting Lovely to look at the drawings. Instead, he caught himself looking out the window more often, thinking about what Lovely might be drawing.
The day before the deadline had him nearly screaming, until Sally came over and forcefully marched him in front of the door to “get five fucking minutes of fresh air”, as she’d told him.
‘Well’, Orlando thought, ‘then this is just as good a time as any to go and look at the drawing.’
He crossed the street and saw that Lovely had apparently just started on the contours of the picture. The man looked up and gave his brightest grin yet, his eyes twinkling merrily. Orlando automatically smiled back, feeling more relaxed every moment that he stood there.
“Uhm…” He didn’t really know how to start this conversation. “I really do love your drawings. They’re great.” Lovely gave a short nod and switched colours.
“You know, I was just wondering, maybe… I mean, would you like to have a coffee?” Orlando stammered. Lovely smiled at him and shook his head gently, then bending back down again.
“Uhm, okay, so I’ll just leave you to it”, Orlando said. He quickly walked back to the coffee shop.
When he told Sally, she just laughed. “See, I told you he’s shyer than even you are. So, take him a tea and see if he’ll talk to you then.”
“Maybe later”, he replied. “I really have to finish my articles today or my boss is going to give me hell.”
Later, though, turned into another late-night session and only about an hour of sleep before Orlando hastily entered the office. Jenny was already sitting at her desk, typing hectically on her keyboard. He handed her his work – his boss still preferred to read their finished articles printed out on paper – and went to his own desk.
Packing everything together, Orlando made sure that his desk was cleaned up for his extended holiday and went to the visitor’s area, from which he had a good view of Jenny’s workspace.
Someone shook him gently and he opened his eyes. “What?” he whispered. He then heard his boss laugh brightly.
“Orlando, go home or to Angelo’s. It’s going to take a while for me to get through all the articles today. I’ll call you and let you know about my decision. It looks like you need some sleep.”
He grabbed his messenger bag and gentle hands pushed him towards the lift. When he stood in front of the building, he was very tempted to go back home and crawl back into his bed. But maybe a coffee would work wonders on his constitution. So Orlando walked to Angelo’s and was glad when he saw Michelle just unlocking the door.
“Hey, darling, you look tired. I didn’t think you’d come today”, she greeted him.
“Yeah, I know. My boss practically threw me out and told me to get lost for a while. Thought I might just sit here and actually enjoy my breakfast for once.”
“Good idea, I’ll bring you something in a moment”, Michelle said.
When Orlando finished his breakfast, it was still only dawn outside. He yawned and propped his head on his hands. Lovely wasn’t there yet and Orlando closed his eyes. ‘Just relaxing my eyes for a second’, he thought.
The next time he opened his eyes, he felt disoriented for a few moments. There was a buzz in the coffee shop that hadn’t been there before. Outside it was bright for a December morning and Orlando felt quite warm.
Then he noticed his head lying on his arms and a blanket draped around his shoulders. When he looked up, he saw Sally and Michelle busily running around the coffee shop and three more girls behind the counter. Almost every table was taken and there were a lot of people waiting in line.
A few minutes later, Sally came by and kissed him on his forehead. “You’re awake.” She grinned. “You’ve been so tired that you just fell asleep on Michelle. She thought it was best to let you rest and I’m pretty sure your boss will call if she can’t reach you on your cell.”
“Sure”, Orlando slowly answered, confused as to how he had been so fast asleep that he didn’t even hear the chatting of the guests.
Sally was gone again before he had the chance to ask her anything. He looked at his watch and saw that it was already late afternoon. Orlando groaned and shook his head.
A few moments later, a fresh cup of coffee appeared in front of him. Michelle gave him a quick kiss on his hair and went back to the counter.
Orlando sighed contentedly when he felt the hot beverage running down his throat and into his stomach. Immediately, he felt so much better.
When he looked outside, he saw that Lovely was sitting in his usual spot. While drinking his coffee, Orlando studied the man closely. He noticed that Lovely wasn’t interacting with the people around him, except giving them a quick smile or a short nod.
He was so focused on his observation that he didn’t immediately see when Lovely looked up and straight at him. Blinking a few times, Orlando blushed and averted his gaze. Quickly glancing back again, he saw Lovely give a big smile and a wink. Orlando grinned back and Lovely focused on his work again.
Strengthening his resolve, Orlando asked Sally to prepare a tea to go. She gave him a knowing look when she handed him the cup and shooed him out of the shop.
Orlando crossed the street, careful not to spill any of the tea. He saw that Lovely was still drawing, though no one took the time to pause and watch. People were too busy with their last-minute errands for Christmas.
When he approached the man, Lovely looked up from his work. Seeing Orlando in front of him, his toothy smile came back full force. Orlando smiled back and crouched down beside him. He held out the paper cup.
“Since you didn’t want any coffee, I thought instead you might like some tea”, Orlando explained.
Lovely put down his chalk, wiped his hands on his t-shirt and carefully reached for the proffered cup. He took a sip and closed his eyes in pleasure. Then he set the cup on the pavement before him.
Orlando watched him expectantly. When the man looked back at Orlando, he held his flat hand in front of his chin, the fingers pointing upwards. Then he moved his hand in a downward arch towards Orlando, mouthing something.
Not understanding right away, Orlando cocked his head. The man made the gesture again but then abruptly aborted his movement and took a piece of chalk into his hand. He wrote something on the pavement and Orlando moved a bit closer to be able to read it.
‘Thank you’ it said and Orlando looked back up at Lovely.
“You can’t talk”, he stated. And the next second, Orlando wanted the ground to open up and swallow him whole. He had probably never made a more obvious or stupid statement.
The guy just grinned and gave him the thumbs up. He sipped at his tea and Orlando let his eyes drift to the new drawing.
What he saw took his breath away. There was the row of houses from a week ago. And now Orlando knew where he had seen that scene before. It was right in front of his eyes and the coffee shop in the drawing was depicted in all its details.
Apparently one of the details was Orlando himself. The picture showed him at the far side of the window, his head on his hands, his eyes closed and a smile on his face.
“You drew me today when I was sleeping”, Orlando whispered.
He heard Lovely hum and was just about to touch the drawing in utter amazement, when a hand closed around his wrist. The man softly pulled Orlando’s hand back and made an aborted movement with his other hand.
Then he pulled a small writing pad and a pencil from his back pocket, quickly scribbling something down. He held it towards Orlando, who took it and read it.
“Oh, sorry”, Orlando said, “I really didn’t think that the drawing might smudge so easily.”
The guy shook his head slightly, taking the pad to write some more. It then said: ‘The chalk usually doesn’t but I don’t want your beautiful face to get blurred.’
Orlando felt his cheeks heat up. “You really think that?” he whispered, unsure if the man was making a joke.
More writing then: ‘Yes, I do. I’ve been painting you all week.’
When Orlando read that, it was Lovely’s turn to blush. They were both staring at each other and the silence stretched a few moments. It almost became awkward but Orlando knew it was now or never.
“Well, would you like to have coffee sometime?” he asked. “I mean, properly, at Angelo’s or somewhere else?”
The man smiled at him again, nodding his head.
“What’s your name?” he asked. “I don’t think I can keep calling you ‘Lovely’.”
The man chuckled and wrote something down.
“Viii-ggo”, Orlando tried, and then again, “Viggo.” The man nodded his head again.
“Hey, Viggo, I’m Orlando. It’s nice to meet you.” He held out his hand and Viggo shook it.
“So, would you maybe like to have coffee or tea right now?” Orlando asked. “It looks like the drawing is finished.”
Viggo scribbled something on the writing pad, giving it Orlando to read. It said: ‘I’m done for today but I do have an appointment. Is it okay if you give me your number and I’ll text you?’
“Sure, let me just write it down for you”, Orlando replied and jotted down his cell phone number. “Let me know when you’ve got time. If everything’s working out right, I’m going to have extended holidays as of tomorrow.”
Viggo frowned and wanted to know whether today, then, was the last day Orlando came to Angelo’s.
“No”, Orlando laughed. “The girls would probably call every day to make sure I’m not laying in my flat rotting away.”
Viggo chuckled and Orlando said: “They’re very protective, I guess.”
‘I have noticed that’, was Viggo’s comment.
Orlando blushed. “They’re like family by now. I work from here more often than I’m working at my office, so it’s really no wonder.”
Viggo nodded but then pointed towards his watch. He made a fist and held it in front of his chest, the back of his hand pointing outwards. Then he moved his fist in a clockwise circling motion.
“What does that mean?” Orlando wanted to know and Viggo wrote it down for him to read.
“Don’t be sorry”, he said. “You need to keep your appointment and I’ll probably get a call from my boss soon. I’m looking forward to having coffee with you, though.”
Viggo smiled at him and waved goodbye when they parted ways. Orlando went back to Angelo’s where the girls were waiting for him and immediately questioned him about Viggo.
A while later, his boss called to praise Orlando for his articles. He was just happy to be finished. And that left him time to do whatever he liked now. This, of course, led to him sitting at Angelo’s early the next day.
When Sally saw him, she started laughing. “Oh, darling, you’re so gone for Viggo.”
Orlando blushed furiously. “So?”
“Aw, I’m happy for you. And I really hope that he might be the right one for you.”
He blushed even more. “Don’t say that. I barely know him.”
“But he’s even drawn you. So he must’ve recognised you a while ago.” She smiled at him and went to get his coffee.
Orlando waited for Viggo to turn up. He got a wave and a big smile. When Sally had the tea ready, he went outside to say hello and bring Viggo the cup.
Viggo made a gesture that Orlando recognised from the day before and mouthed ‘thank you’.
“You’re very welcome”, Orlando replied.
The writing pad and pen appeared again and Viggo scribbled something down.
‘Today will be the last day that I’m going to draw something here. Would you like to have coffee later in the afternoon?’
“Sure, I’d love to.” Orlando smiled. “I’m off until mid-January, so I won’t have any deadlines or appointments.”
‘Great. How about I just come over to Angelo’s?’
“Yeah, that’ll be fine. I’ve brought something to read and will stay at my usual table.”
They grinned at each other again and Viggo waved a goodbye.

Throughout the day, Orlando didn’t really read a lot. He sat there, looking at Viggo drawing the picture. Sometimes their eyes met and Viggo smiled and winked at him. Orlando blushed and when one of the girls saw him, they teased him mercilessly.
It was almost dark when Viggo came into the coffee shop. He sat opposite Orlando and Michelle came by to take his order. He signed it and she asked: “What kind of tea would you like?”
Orlando stared at her. She wrote something down on her notepad and winked at him. “Just because I can talk to you, Orli, doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t know sign language.”
He shook his head. Viggo grinned and then made another sign and pointed at Orlando. Then he wrote down ‘How are you?’.
They talked for a while and Viggo showed him a few easy signs to replicate. Michelle supplied them with tea and coffee, making sure they had dinner at one point. It was already quite late when she threw them out to close up. “You guys can come back tomorrow. Go home and let me get some sleep as well”, she laughed.
“I’d like to have a look at your picture before I leave”, Orlando said and they crossed the street together.
“Wow.” Orlando held his breath. “Viggo… that’s so beautiful.”
There was the same row of houses again, though this time, they were both sitting at Angelo’s, holding hands, and everything was white outside, snow falling heavily.
“I don’t think it’s going to snow on the 24th but I don’t particularly need it”, Orlando whispered, gently taking Viggo’s hand in his, shuffling a little closer and pressing their sides together.
Viggo hummed and stroked the back of Orlando’s hand. He turned them both around so that they were looking at each other.
Orlando shuffled closer and smiled at him. Carefully cradling Orlando’s head with one hand, Viggo slowly leaned in to give him a kiss.
They stood there for a while, not breaking the kiss. When Orlando pulled back a little to take deep breaths, he rested his forehead against Viggo’s.
“Come home with me, Viggo. Please. It’s Christmas Eve in two days. Stay with me”, Orlando whispered.
Viggo hummed again and nodded his head. Orlando suddenly felt something wet against his face, looking up. It had started to snow.
“That’s not possible”, he mumbled. “It’s not cold enough. That’s just not possible.”
Viggo only chuckled and pulled him in to kiss him again.

Date: 2015-12-25 01:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
lovely story.enjoyed it.

Date: 2015-12-26 12:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you so much! This is sweet and delightful, a lovely romantic story that has made me so happy. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Viggo and Orlando slowly find each other. The ending is perfect.

I'm charmed and delighted by my fic.

Date: 2015-12-26 03:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you for this wonderful story!

Date: 2016-01-01 10:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
What a lovely is magical and simple in the message it conveys!


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