Dec. 25th, 2013

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Title: Wait No More
Author: [ profile] ranmaru_fics
Rated: R
Summary: A weekend spent at Ian McKellen’s country home is just what Orlando needs before he goes home for Christmas, but he soon finds he isn’t the only guest Ian invited, and that reunions can also mean a second chance.
Beta: Gattoro the Magnificent, Beta Queen. *loves*
Warning: VigOrli AU, so timelines so right out the window.
Disclaimer: Pure Fiction, Written For Your Entertainment.


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Title: Love makes you stronger
Author: [ profile] vampirebitch
Rating: PG
Pairing: Viggo/Orlando
Beta: My lovely sister! *hugs and kisses*
Word Count: 2334
Warning: h/c, slight OOC, the timeline is probably messed-up (that’s why it’s called ‘fiction’)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Viggo, Orlando, Flynn or Miranda, nor is there any harm intended in any of this. Neither do I know or want to suggest anything about their personal life, this is all fantasy. The story’s just for fun, no money is being made.
Summary: Viggo is surprised when Orlando stands on his doorstep one day and tells him that his wife wants a divorce.
A/N: Even though this doesn’t exactly cover the request 100%, I do hope that the receiver of this story is happy about it. And yes, I couldn’t get the “Christmas” out of the story, seeing as I’m sitting here surrounded by 1000 Christmas-y things.

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Title: The Candy Cane Incident
Author: [ profile] salable_mystic
Rated: R for some swearing
Summary: Orlando loves candy canes and Viggo just might be losing his mind over that fact.
Beta: J! Thank you J!
Warning: New Zealand LOTR filming, but kinda in a handwavy sort of way.
Disclaimer: It's all lies!

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What my recipient asked for: Oh, I'm easy ... something happy and fluffy, and then the scenario is not so important - but if you want guidelines, here you go: a meeting between V & O in 2026? Or at the '25 years of LOTR' party`? Or next year? Or this Christmas? Or ...? Or some New Zealand fic, ... whatever works for you, seriously. AU is also fine - maybe in space?

Author's note:  I really hope you are as easy as your prompt – but this is definitely fluffy and happy at least. It also happened around Christmas time, and is very NC-17. I'm very sorry for the title.

Author: [ profile] zee113

Title: Santa Claus Is Coming

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Title: An Unexpected Turn of Events
Author: [ profile] alilacia
Rating: PG-13/R
Genre: Alternate Universe
Beta reader: None, I'm afraid. Just me and a spell checker.
Notes: For the 2013 Viggorli Secret Santa. I hope you like it. Happy Holidays everyone!
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Title: Between the Stars
Author: [ profile] chaosmanor
Pairing: Viggorli
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: This is a non-profit, non-commercial work of fiction using the names and likenesses of real individuals. This fictional story is not intended to imply that the events herein actually occurred, or that the attitudes or behaviors described are engaged in or condoned by the real persons whose names are used without permission.
Summary: The best spaceships make good decisions.

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